Naming of chemical compounds

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Easy method to write the names of chemical compounds

In this lesson , you will learn how to use 5 simple rules to name any inorganic compound.These 5 rules can be used to name majority of the inorganic compounds such as ionic, covalent,ionic compounds with transition metals etc.
Naming of chemical compound

Naming of Chemical compounds

   * Metals other than transition metals

** A  transition metal is an element with an atomic number of 21 to 30, 39 to 48 or 57 to 80.

Use the periodic table below to find the metals and non metals.      

      Sample questions on naming of compounds

            Formula               Name            Explanation
 NaCl  Sodium Chloride  Rule 1
K2O Potassium Oxide  Rule 1
  Na2S Sodium Sulfide Rule 1
 MgH2  Magnesium Hydride  Rule 1
 AlCl3 Aluminum Chloride  Rule 1
 KBr Potassium Bromide  Rule 1
 BaF2 Barium Fluoride Rule 1
 NaNO3 Sodium Nitrate Rule 2
Ca(NO2)2 Calcium Nitrite  Rule 2
 Na2SO4 Sodium Sulfate  Rule 2
 Al(OH)3  Aluminum Hydroxide Rule 2
 Ca(OH)2  Calcium Hydroxide  Rule 2
 Li2CO3  Lithium Carbonate  Rule 2
 Mg(ClO2)2  Magnesium Chlorite  Rule 2
 PbCl4  lead (IV) chloride  Rule 3
 Fe2O3  iron (III) oxide  Rule 3
 Ag2O  Silver(I) Oxide  Rule 3
 CoCl2  Cobalt(II) Chloride  Rule 3
 Cu2O  Copper(I) Oxide  Rule 3
 CuO  Copper(II) Oxide  Rule 3
 Fe(NO3)3  Iron(III) nitrate  Rule 4
 Pb(CO3)2  lead (IV) carbonate  Rule 4
 Fe2(SO4)3  iron (III) sulfate  Rule 4
 CO  carbon monoxide  Rule 5
 CO2  carbon dioxide   Rule 5
 Cl2O7  Dichlorine heptoxide   Rule 5
 N2O5  Dinitrogen pentoxide   Rule 5
 SO2  Sulfur dioxide   Rule 5
 SF6  Sulfur hexafluoride   Rule 5
 PCl5  Phosphrous pentachloride   Rule 5


periodic table metal and non metal

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